Updating k9copy Married adult erotic chat

Since writing this post, both mencoder and ffmpeg have been updated so that the settings described below will no longer work.

In particular, the “aac” audio codec has changed and the “i_certify….” option to the lavfopts format is no longer supported (or necessary). video: “-ovc lavc -lavcopts threads=2:vglobal=1:vcodec=mpeg4: mbd=2:trell:vbitrate=$VIDBR -vf scale=$WIDTH:$HEIGHT, harddup -of lavf -lavfopts format= psp” and audio: “-oac lavc -lavcopts threads=2:aglobal=1:acodec=libfaac -af lavcresample=24000” End of update note.

Note – the screenshots given here may not be completely legible in your browser. I wrote this after discovering just how how flexible and useful the excellent k9copy program really is. This page is dedicated to ripping and encoding to PSP format – for reasons why, see my earlier postings on the topic.

and change the DVD size to 4464 MB in the “DVD Backup” pane.If your DVD is in good condition skip to the next section.You can always come back and use ddrescue later if you experience problems. Note: If k9copy is available but k9copy assistant is not, run k9copy then click ‘Wizard’.After a fresh install of Ubuntu and media software and codecs, a little more work is required to start ripping and burning DVDs.Below is a guide to get you started using Brasero (the CD/DVD burning application included with Ubuntu) and an application called K9Copy, which is similar to the once popular program DVD Shrink for Windows.

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