Nadia bjorlin dating bruce willis

The two met at the screening of "Stakeout" in August 1987, not long after Demi called off her engagement to Emilio Estevez. They got hitched at the Golden Nugget in Vegas in November 1987 and had a big, black-tie event in L. After their separation, rumors persisted that the couple planned to re-marry, until Demi Moore married Ashton Kutcher.Willis has maintained a close relationship with both Moore and Kutcher, even attending their wedding.September 2003 - May 2004Bruce Willis dated "Dog Eat Dog" host Brooke Burns for a few months before breaking up in May 2004.They vacationed together in places like Costa Rica and Paris and Vegas before calling it quits. Julie Chen --------------- 21 Years Warren Beatty . Shoshanna Lonstein --------------- 22 Years Phil Collins .

Sharing her father’s love for music, she took the stage with her brothers—Ulf Jr.

I really get tired of having to tell guys they're too old for me. Don't worry I'm not a creepy old dude..Don't worry, I wouldn't be here if I was. You can set your profile, to block out certain age groups.

I really want someone older than me like maybe 36 the oldest but no more than that. So if they try to contact you, they will automatically be blocked.

It’s true that she dated the actor who was 25 years older than her.

The 25 years age gap led them to breakup the same year.

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