Dating european women vs american women

If a man is poor regardless of what country he is from, the chances of him finding a decent women are slim. That is a very straightforward and superficial interpretation.

If a man has a lot of money, he gets a pretty girl. I believe there may be a few more men who think the same.

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Some of my observations while in Western Europe: - Lack of obesity.Let's say honestly: if one being ugly and poor is looking for a long-legged model 20-30 years younger than him, who is wrong?A woman who does not want to be involved with him, or a man who has unrealistic demands? It's just as fair as some guys work hard in high school, and are accepted by Harvard, and the others who never did their homework are helping people at a garage with the petrol pump. You think it's fair that all man are looking for young beautiful women?From what I have seen on this board, American girls are awfully similar to WEST European women. So can't W-European, American girls are on their blackberry all day? I really don't think American women are the only one from my POV.I think it's the entire Western mentality that is the problem here.

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