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Before you rule it out you should give it a try, you can always go back to meeting people in person.

Ahh, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and your neighbor is loudly having sex with someone in the rose garden right outside your dorm room window (thin walls fml).

When tempted to engage in “dormcest,” remind yourself that you’re going to have to face him—as well as everyone else on your floor, because they’re going to find out—for the rest of the year, no matter how good or bad your hook-up was.

Just because he’s sitting alone and doesn’t speak to anyone in the class doesn’t mean he’s a total lunatic.

Who, you ask, knew there was such a science behind college guys, anyway? Well, maybe, but there might be a little bit more to it.

A television remote control is an example of an engineered product that contains firmware.If you’re interested, all it takes is a slow pack-up-and-hang-back after class to initiate conversation.Find out where the hot spots are each night of the week(end), and make sure to show up every once in a while.Welcome to college, and welcome to the world of ~love~. College is a period in one’s life notorious for not only learning for the sake of learning, finding oneself, and career development, but also parties, drunk people, and the hook-up scene.With all of the drunken sex and “I care less” wars, where’s all the romance? Is romance in college possible, or will you forever be closing your dorm window and wearing earbuds on Saturday nights?

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