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“They’re stupid pedophiles,” she said about the internet trolls.

“I ignore it — but sometimes I see it and that sh—t [is] nasty.” To make matters worse, other rumors claim the troubled teen had a boob job recently! I don't know where people come up with this sh—t.” And, now that she’s a “star,” Danielle is no longer going to traditional school in Florida and is instead being homeschooled in Los Angeles.“I'm homeschooled four days a week with a private tutor in L. Danielle is currently in talks to be getting her own reality show that will focus on her difficult relationship with her mom and her behavioral issues.'s viral stars coverage below: 8 Viral Stars Then and Now: Octomom, Alex From Target, and More!

The key is to negotiate favorable terms with your suppliers that allow your dating to more closely align with your inventory turnover.

For example, if you have an inventory turn of 4.0 (meaning you turn your inventory over completely 4 times per year) then if you had 90 days dating you would actually not be paying for the merchandise until you sold it.

So don't expect every vendor to respond yes when you ask for dating on your purchases.

Another consideration on terms is the % discount you can receive for early payment.

These terms are often referred to as "dating." An invoice will contain the time frame in which you must pay the bill.

Not all of them want to stay that way because 40 million have turned to online dating sites to find a partner, says an article last month on This is the secret that has traditionally been reserved for the large national retailers, but today, even the small independent can get dating on their purchases.Granted the dating is reflective of sales rate, meaning the more merchandise you buy from a vendor the more likely they are to work with you on the terms.For example, if you have an invoice that is 2% Net 30, then this means that you have 30 days to pay and if you pay on time, you can deduct 2% from the cost of the invoice as savings.Aspiring matchmakers can earn money on a dating app called Spritzr by successfully matching other singles together.

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    The bill states, “CPD is hereby made as a mandatory requirement in the renewal of the Professional Identification Cards of all registered and licensed professionals under the regulation of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).” Senator Antonio Trillanes, author of the bill and chairman of the committee on civil service and government reorganization, said the bill aims to boost the competence of professionals in the country.