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Arthur Surtees, 72, is a retired lecturer from Denton, Newcastle.He said: 'She is not representing the people in the north east or in her area.Debbie Fidderer is on the plane and Sam is briefing her on what to expect in the coming days.She is going to go through an extensive background screening - which she questions why, she's worked at the White House before - Sam points out that she has a "crash button" on her phone and this isn't her last job.

Jeremy Goodwin (Josh Malina), Sports Night Sports Night is in many ways told through Jeremy's eyes: It starts on his first day, he's the only character to have any voice-overs, and as Natalie likes to point out, he's always, always right. Danny Concannon (Timothy Busfield), "We had a deal. Not even a bullet could dampen his enthusiasm for governing.

Things are getting out of control and the President whispers to Leo they are going to need a lawyer. is talking with the press and then is told by Bruno the President may get a question about Title IX.

Air Force One is making its way to Michigan where the President will make an address. Bruno turns to talk to Sam to tell him the court decision may come down on presidential debates.

The approval process of executive secretary-to-be Deborah Fiderer (Lily Tomlin) hits a snag when new evidence is uncovered.

The President (and Leo) arrive in the Situation Room to be briefed on Qumar.

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